Summer B begins on 6/27/16! Check eSpire and order materials!

Summer B begins on 6/27/16! Check eSpire and order materials!

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The notice below was sent to your student email accounts. Thank you for your attention. 

The Summer Semester has been off to a great start and we will be in the B term on 6/27/16! Please be sure to visit eSpire and check registration ASAP.   


W4A = Term 1
W4B = Term2

Access to Engage will be available by Saturday, 6/25. You can always view the Academic Calendar to reference term start/end dates. 

Materials need 5 business days for delivery from the USM bookstore. Keep in mind, it is at your discretion where books are purchased.The following instructions have been provided:  
  1.  Visit Buy Textbooks Online
  2. Order Books
  3. Select payment options
  4. Select upcoming term
  5. Select "Online Courses" and hit continue 
  6. Search Course(s) and continue to check out when finished. 

Lastly, it is important to remember tuition is due the first week of class.  Your balance can be viewed and paid in eSpire under “My Account Info.”  If you have questions about your balance you can contact the Business Office at 1.913.682.5151 or  If you believe that this balance should have been paid by Financial Aid, please contact the Financial Aid at 1.913.682.5151 or


Looking forward to a great Summer B term, 
Linder Gendron 
Online Student Services Coordinator