Engage 3.8 – Forum Updates

by Technical Support -

Dear Faculty,

Forums received the most attention from inline editing, interface enhancements, and forum grading updates. Forums now provide granular methods to setting up and grading forum grading: Ratings and Whole forum grading. The attached documentation highlights the updates.

Be sure to visit the Support page in the next few weeks to learn more about the update. 


The Engage Team

Engage Announcement: Engage 3.8 is Coming!

by Technical Support -

Dear Students and Faculty,

Engage will be updated to version 3.8 on Sunday June 21 between 12 midnight EST- 6:00 a.m. EST. 

The newest Engage update introduces feature improvements that enhance usability for all users. Instructors can change the orientation of submitted assignments for easier grading. Instructors will be able to set up forums with granular grading methods and view a detailed summary forum report. Students and instructors can easily reply inline to forums. Students and instructors can filter calendar by month, day or an upcoming event.

We're excited to bring you improved performance and feature enhancements in Engage 3.8! 


The Engage Team

UPDATE: Online Student Services

by Breson Morelos -

Greetings everyone!

Hope all is well and that you are having a good end of week three! Just to inform you, Jessica Foyah will be coming onto the Online Student Services Team and we will be working alongside together to ensure that your student support needs are being met. Moving forward, just continue e-mailing You may hear more from Jessica in the future regarding proactive outreach and e-mail responses, but either one of us are here to answer your questions. 

We are currently working on getting Jessica her own phone line and once we do, you will be calling Jessica directly for verbal communication.

Should you have questions, please e-mail


Breson Morelos

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