Engage update is complete

Engage update is complete

by Technical Support -
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Dear Students and Faculty,

The update of Engage to version 2.0 is complete. Links to updated resources and screencasts that highlight the updates to the system are now available on the Support page.

Please note that this update includes improvements to the messaging system. This change requires that we migrate your messages from the old messaging system to your new Inbox. So, you may see the number of messages in your Inbox changing as your messages are transferred over. We will post a follow-up announcement when the message migration is complete.

If you experience any issues with the system, please clear your cache and cookies and then restart your browser.

How to clear your cache: Firefox | Internet Explorer | Chrome | Safari

If the issues persist, please contact Technical Support for assistance. Your suggestions are welcomed at feedback@personalsupportcenter.com.


The Engage Team